Policy Engagement

Krysta Gougler-Reeves, MSW, MPH

North Carolina Manager for Policy & Engagement, Family Connects International

Krysta is the North Carolina Manager for Policy & Engagement. In this role, she leads policy engagement and analysis for NC communities and serves as a resource for technical assistance on early childhood policy related to early intervention and home visiting programs. She’s been with Duke’s Center for Child and Family Policy since 2017 and previously worked to support individuals with developmental disabilities.

Jessica McCoppin, MA, MPH

Acting Director for Community Alignment

Jessica joined the Center for Child and Family Policy and FCI in September 2018, working on the community alignment aspect of the model’s implementation. Currently, Jessica serves as FCI’s acting director for community alignment, working across all teams and Family Connects sites. In this role, she supports the development of innovative approaches to the Family Connects model and leads development of content and support for community alignment. Before coming to Duke, Jessica led a team of nutrition and health educators supporting individuals and families with limited resources.

Policy Engagement

At Family Connects International (FCI), our goal is to help serve as a resource as states and communities work to develop and strengthen a comprehensive and connected system of supports for caregivers and children. Our approach to our policy work reflects that goal. Kimberly Friedman and her team lead this scope of work.

FCI seeks to partner with our fellow advocates and policymakers as a resource where our expertise can contribute to discussion of this system, whether it originates in the maternal and child health sector, the child abuse prevention sector, the early learning sector or another priority area. This means that our policy work is driven by all of the strong policy work that is already happening at state and community levels — the great work that so many agencies, states and individuals are engaged in doing. FCI looks at ways in which we might further strengthen or enhance this work. We seek to complement existing services, partner with existing agencies, and fill gaps in a comprehensive system of care. We want to share what we’ve learned and we want to learn from our partners.

At FCI, we care about what is best for families and communities. We care about families getting the services and supports that they want and need.

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