Questions & Answers

1. Why is FCI making this transition now?

FCI has experienced tremendous growth in the last two years and we are currently in the process of onboarding new site contracts. Launching as a nonprofit will provide greater efficiency and the ability to serve our community partners better by having one organization and set of processes to navigate instead of the two we currently rely on from Duke University and the Center for Child and Family Health. We have the right leadership team in place with strategic guidance from our founder to make the transition at this time.

2. Will this impact FCI staffing or support?

The current staffing of each support team will remain the same, although individuals in those roles may change. Specific partners will be notified if there are any staff changes on their team, but we do not expect a disruption in the level or quality of support.

3. What is the timeline for the transition?

We incorporated in October 2021 and anticipate launching as a nonprofit on July 1, 2022.

4. When will we need to transition to a contract with FCI as a standalone entity?

Contracts will begin to transfer in the February/March timeframe. This will be coordinated by the FCI contracting office led by Amy McCann. Community partners can reach out to their project team leads with any questions.

5. When will BAAs need to be executed with FCI and LPHAs?

Our Business Affiliates Agreements and Data Use Agreements, including those with ongoing research by Duke University principal investigators, will be updated when we transfer contracts.

6. What Institutional Review Board will be used to exempt FCI Continuous Quality Improvement from Human Subject Research?

Duke IRB provided a waiver for FCI human subject research in January 2022, given that FCI data review efforts are in service to continuous quality improvement and do not require direct contact with clients receiving services.

7. How will this affect the HIPAA process between covered entities (LPHAs) and FCI? Will FCI have its own Notice of Privacy Practices?

Duke IRB will be providing an answer to this question shortly.

Last updated February 9, 2022