• Save the date/time! November 9th, 3-4pm, join FCI for a webinar updating the entire community about project progress, next steps, and what you can expect post-implementation.
  • The Salesforce Health Cloud migration project has been underway for over three months!
  • Drawing on the wealth of insights generated through summer Discovery sessions, our implementation partner Prolocity finished the Design stage of the project in August.
  • The three month Building cycle has began, during which the implementation partner Prolocity will configure various components of the new Health Cloud platform in two-week blocks (“sprints”) to allow for quick reviews and adjustments as needed.
  • The Discovery session volunteers will be asked to help with Testing toward the end of the calendar year. Stay tuned for more details including dates, access, etc.
  • If you want more information about the project, email FCI consultant Dan Cohen-Vogel at dan@dataworkspartners.com.
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