Image of woman wearing a plaid headscarf and smiling at her newborn baby

What We Do

Our Vision

Family Connects International envisions equitable outcomes for each and every newborn.

Our Mission

Family Connects International is committed to improving the health and well-being of children and families by bringing evidence-based solutions to every community, undertaking innovative research and evaluation, and engaging in public policy.

Our Values


We believe that every family must have fair and just opportunities to achieve optimal health and well-being, and we actively work to establish systems that support this ideal.


Collaboration is the only way to achieve systems transformation. No single organization can do this work.


Simply put, we bring the highest quality to everything we do.


We are data-driven, transparent, trustworthy, and accountable. We are here to empower families and communities to care for their children.

How We Work

At FCI, we believe our Model can benefit each and every newborn. That’s why we employ a universal approach to reach all families and newborns, including foster, adoptive, and bereaved parents, to offer a free, nurse home-visit for a maternal and child health screen and connection to local services to meet their unique needs. We provide full support for successful implementation, including building community alignment, training nurses, providing screening and assessment tools and a transparent data and reporting system.

FCI not only makes referrals to community resources, but follows up with families to ensure that the connection was made. By focusing on both connections at home and connections within the community, FCI helps families and their newborns to thrive.

Family Connects International also conducts continuous quality improvement of the Model, as well as innovative research on early childhood well-being and parent-child relationships. In addition, we engage with policymakers to support sustainability of local programming, and we collaborate with community-based resources and care systems.

Our aim is to achieve positive outcomes for families, communities, and systems at the population level.