Equitable outcomes for each and every newborn

Family Connects International® is committed to strengthening bonds within families of newborns and linking them directly to supportive community care resources. The Family Connects Model is an evidence-based model designed to support optimal maternal-child health and advance equitable outcomes, while promoting better aligned community care systems.

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Adherence to the Family Connects Evidence-Based Model

with clear, standardized practices to achieve positive outcomes for families, communities, and systems at the population level.

Nurse-Home Visiting Program

offered to all families of newborns in a participating community, with no cost to families at the point of services.

Community Alignment Framework

and tool to support a network of community-based resources to suit a family's needs, preferences, and priorities.

Policy Engagement

at the local, state, and national level to support sustainability of local programming.

Continuous Quality Improvement

driven by transparent data and reporting by Family Connects International for quality assurance and community accountability.


Family Connects has Released New Covid-19 Guidelines

Given current COVID disease prevalence, rapid spread and high transmissibility of the Omicron variant, and increased exposures over the holidays, FCI strongly supports the temporary return to virtual-only visits as sites evaluate local trends and safety.