At FCI, we believe our Family Connects model can benefit each and every newborn. That’s why we employ a universal approach to reach all families of newborns, including foster, adoptive, and bereaved parents, to offer a free, nurse home-visit for a maternal and child health screen and connection to local services to meet their unique needs.

FCI not only makes referrals to community resources, but follows up with families to ensure that the connection was made. By focusing on both connections at home and connections within the community, FCI helps families and their newborns to thrive.

We support partnering communities in striving to initially connect with at least 80% of their newborns’ families and work with local agencies and systems to develop comprehensive, community-based care that supports optimal maternal-child health and wellbeing.

Family Connects Model

Learn about the evidence-model.

Where We Work

Our community partners all across the country are exploring, implementing, and scaling the Family Connects model.


Learn more about our commitment to strengthening bonds for families with newborns and linking them directly to supportive community care resources.


Read all of the various articles, publications, etc on the efforts of FCI throughout the United States.

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