Family Connects is an evidence-based model designed to support whole-person, integrated health for all families of newborns at a moment of life-changing transition. Family Connects nurses are trained to carefully assess newborns and mothers and discuss concrete next steps to address opportunities and concerns, including seeking immediate medical care when necessary. FCI nurses also keep the whole family in mind, recommending appropriate mental health services or medical care for other family members as needed—and they follow up to make sure families’ needs are met.

The Family Connects Model was established in 2008 through a partnership with the Duke University Center for Child and Family Policy, the Center for Child & Family Health, and the Durham County Health Department. The Model is in various stages of Consultation, Orientation, Installation, Implementation, Certification, Expansion.

I recently got to experience the immense benefits of the Family Connects program when I had my daughter. It was such a huge relief to have a nurse come to me during some of the hardest weeks I’ve experienced yet, trying to adjust to my new life as a working mom.

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