First Annual Family Connects Nursing Awards

FCI is launching our first Family Connects Nursing Awards, and we will announce one winner each day in honor of Nurses Week!


Monday May 6th

The award for "Good Catch" goes to Shannetta Barnes from Family Connects Chicago! For identifying an infant with respiratory distress during the constraints of a virtual visit and directing the family to the Emergency Department, where the infant was hospitalized for RSV. Your assessment and advocacy resulted in a good catch that may have saved this child's life.


Tuesday May 7th

The award for "Leader of the Year" goes to Kathryn Kaintz from Family Connects Chicago! For ensuring the success of the Family Connects Chicago program at Rush University Medical Center, supporting nurse education and professional development, and role modeling exemplary patient care.


Wednesday May 8th

The award for "Preceptor of the Year" goes to Megan Wilkin from Family Connects Oregon. For providing an outstanding orientation experience and role modeling exemplary patient care for new Family Connects nurses.


Thursday May 9th

The award for "Rising Star" goes to Jessica Orozco from Family Connects Chicago. For providing outstanding patient care, supporting you teammates, and leading the design of a poster to present Family Connects scholarship at a national conference.


Friday May 10th

The award for "Lifetime Achievement Award" goes to Paula Wright from Family Connects Durham. For your lifetime of service to families as a nurse and foundational contributions to the Family Connects Model and Family Connects Durham as a nurse leader. We are proud to honor your achievements, which continue to impact families across the country.

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