The video above has been set to play right before Governor DeWine starts speaking about Family Connects at the 39 minute mark.

“I’m also pleased today to announce that we will be launching a new pilot program in 11 Ohio counties that we’re calling Family Connects. Every new mom will be eligible in these 11 counties to receive a visit from a nurse about 3 weeks after delivering her baby. These visiting nurses can guide families to clinical or community supports, recognize when a mom and a baby may need additional help as a result of exhaustion or trouble with breastfeeding, and remind or teach new moms about how a baby can sleep safely. Similar programs that we’ve looked at have shown a track record of reducing infant mortality. In places where these programs have been implemented rates of Child Protective Services investigations have decreased by 44% and mothers have shown a 30% drop in postpartum depression and a 50% reduction in emergency room visits. In our next budget that I’ll present to you next year, I’ll be asking you for additional support to take that Family Connects program statewide.”

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