FCI Centralized Data System 2.0 (2023 Migration Plan)

We are ready to begin the project to migrate to a new Salesforce platform to better support community partners and FCI operations, and ultimately enable us to better serve families.

Many of you attended one of the informative webinars held May 9-11. That should have given you a frame of reference for what is coming over the next nine months. We will begin work on this project in early June and started it with a formal project Kick Off.

View the Kick Off visual slides (PDF) used in this formal presentation.


Pre-Launch Information Session, May 11, 2023

Click here to review the slides used in the meeting.

This was an informational webinar about FCI plans to migrate from our existing instance of our data system using Sales Cloud licenses to a new environment using Health Cloud licenses for streamlined charting and optimal HIPPA compliance.

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